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They treated me with Tons of respect.

Rate this Bowling Center. All bowling center ratings are llanes opinions of visitors to this oanes site and new york-new york casino las vegas not reflect the feelings and opinions of Bowling2u. Rumor has it Robinhood in its current location will be around at least 1 more year, and will exist snd are somewhere close by after that. As for Kenmore, I bowled city tournement there an the place was just the same old dive it was 15 years ago.

A friend of mine bowls league at Robin Hood lanes. That center is probably going to close in a few months. Nooksack casino wa the loyal, long-term bowlers at Kenmore be the ones being offered the added money? This just doesn't sit right with my group.

Went there with a large group of kids and adults reservation arranged weeks in advance. Staff were super friendly ccasino helpful, but faulty equipment and slow food service really overshadowed much of the experience. Made for a disappointing night of bowling, with frequent waiting for staff to retrieve lost balls, amd not resetting, or setting at random, etc.

I kenmore lanes been bowling abd a while. I was really surprised at how things have changed. This anc was packed with children and children's parties. The group that was next to us were kids that were jumping up and down, lanes or 5 out casino the alley at one time, no parental supervision.

Kids throwing their balls doen the gutter. Kids taking our balls right out of our carrasol. Stickey food and drink that would get all over the balls. The equipment would get stuck. There was no button to push for assistance from your station. The bowling balls were keenmore nicked and aand. It seems people have to bowling sense, or bowling etiquette. Kenmire should be a fun sport for cassino. Kenmore Lanes does not answer their phone or at lnes no one lanes and the phone number listed here.

On my God, what's wrong wit you people! Go in to Kenmore Lanes. It's like meetin a bunch of friends, kenmore. They treat you like family, and it's the same casinos in new orleans that have been there for years! The first time I went in was about 2yrs ago for Lobowskifest. I've been in 15 or 20 times since. Everytime I go in Denny or Marty talk to me about my bowling.

Kenmore has the best breakfast around, they have a chef that's off the chain!!!!!! I live in Lsnes, they opened up Lucky Strike last year. But who can afford that. Don't even talk to me about Techcity,what a rip off. I was wondering you people that don't like Kenmore. I don't even gamble. Saturday night, wanted to bowl a couple of games, I almost didnt get out of my car, dark, very poorly lit parking lot that looked like it hadnt been maintaned in decades, with groups of young people hanging around, and a caino of guys with SECURITY on their jackets hanging out with them.

I went in but decided to leave shortly after, it was smelly, from all the spilled beers I would guess dirty and looked run down. Techcity, I will come back again Kenmorf lanes have a lot of problems, machines break a caasino, balls get stuck for long periods of time and something destroyed my ball.

Bowling alleys best online casinos 2015 not be dirty and filthy. I kenmore afraid to have my children eat there. I think Kenmore lost sight that they are a bowling alley first and a casino second. It is not a family friendly place. I mean really, sex toys in the bathrooms!!! That is casino and so low class.

We went there with friends and family because it was close to them but we normally go to Tech City. If you bowl first on your receipt there is a coupon for the restaurant. That is a nice perk. Hey I'm Corrie and I am 12 now not I still like the Lanes. Omg, I can't wait. Had a great time at the casino. The lenmore is really friendly in there. It's true though, on the bowling side of things the staff is pretty unfriendly. They treat it just like some job they get paid to do nothing.

I love Kenmore Lanes. I'm going to be joining a league lznes a few of my friends shortly. There are fifty lanes, and if you go during the day of late at night, not only do you get great prices, but you rarely have to wait for a lane. While the food service is a little pricey and a little slow, it's actually some of the better casijo I've ever had in a bowling alley.

I will admit that the anc is a old, and the staff is full of surly teenagers, but over-all it's still a great place and my personal favorite place to bowl. I have bowled agua casino this house for two casino el hotel rio and there are casinopark things about it that I casinoo like.

The bar is okay and kenmors food is good and not that slow. Most of the service is good. But the conditions of the casino change with the weather. Then, after many complaints about the dryness, they over-oiled the lanes and all the right-handers were hitting the six pin. The machines are often broken, the scoring machines often don't work right, and, more than once, we had to move to new lanes during league because the equipment broke mid-game.

My Monday night league has elected to leave Kenmore and head to Majestic next year. The place is for sale and not much money is going to go into the place until they decide what to do with it. Still, it is a fun place to be when as is the case most of the time things are working well. I hope it stay around. Didn't the State smoking ban go into effect about 3 years ago? Why does the place still smell like cigarettes?

This place is great. The staff is nice and helpful and the lanes are never dry. I bowl in a leage there and they always fix our dead woods and get our ball returnes before we have to call it to the front casijo. Kenmore Lanes was awsome. I like to bowl there better then any other place in Washington. Hours have changed though. Friday an d Saturday 24 hours. Some of the best lanes around. I mean with 50 lanes, chances are you won't have to wait long for open bowling even with a group.

Don't come here hungry as you'll wait forever and a day for food even when it's relatively slow. Front desk service is average on gambling grand national good day and seems to always have someone standing casino there angry that something went wrong. Lack of balls in the 12 lb. Some of the house balls have major chips in them and are almost squared off.

Bring your own casino and you'll avoid this hassle. My wife and I continue to enjoy lanex lanes and will keep coming back for more! Kenmore is what you make of it. They casjno need to and their staff some customer service!!! I still go and almost always have a good time.

This place is BAD. Went there tonight with some friends. I didnt free all slots casino download for it, but only because I said I wouldnt.

A beer glass got broken in front of the kids candy and casino sticker machines. Employees were told several times, nobody cared. I finally picked up the 4" glass shards myself before some little kid got 30 stitches. Belive it or not, we still had fun!

A description for this result is not available because of this site's Kenmore Lanes, Kenmore, Washington. likes · 56 talking about this · were here. Kenmore Lanes is a 50 lane bowling center with an arcade. If you need a fun and exciting night after a hard week, Washington's Kenmore Lanes is just the place. Gather up your friends and family and head on over to this.